About Steve

Steve Kazlauskas is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on Sinatra and his music. He was inspired to become a singer by corresponding directly with Ol’ Blue Eyes through the mail. Steve has made it his personal mission to keep the music of Sinatra alive while perfecting his interpretation of that famous style. He has performed throughout the country; from east to west, and north to south. He captures the sound, feel and expression of Sinatra with amazing accuracy while bringing his own unique interpretation to the music. Steve is a true tribute artist and makes no attempt to be a look and sound alike clone. With a vocal range that allows him to sing Frank’s songs in their original keys, he’s able to reach and sustain those high notes and croon softly on those signature low notes that were part of Sinatra’s distinctive singing style. His fans agree, it’s about the next best thing to hearing Frank himself perform this timeless music. He continues to delight and educate audiences about this true American icon while keeping the great American songbook alive and well.
To quote an audience member, “Great performance! This guy really knows how to sing in the Sinatra style, while bringing his own style and voice to the table. It’s not an imitation, but a carrying on of the tradition. Great stuff!”